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Dallas and Axel immediately paid the price for it, as Reigns beat the daylights out of both of them with steel chairs before the match even got underway.Once it did get underway, Reigns and The Miz put on a highly entertaining match.For a character who can be rude and antisocial, but still ultimately heroic, see Good Is Not Nice.

Do not confuse with Vanilla Protagonist which is where The Protagonist (not necessarily The Hero) is blander than the rest of the main cast so the spotlight can more easily focus on them. Almost always a result of being Unintentionally Unsympathetic.

In so-called 'guy movies', this is sometimes associated with an implausibly attractive woman inexplicably respecting that he came forward with this information and allowing it to wipe away all fault for what he originally did, despite the fact that most reasonable human beings would never want to see him again. Note that Values Dissonance can sometimes be a factor with this since the exact definition of what constitutes heroism has changed over time; a character that comes across as a Designated Hero to a modern audience might well have been The Paragon when the story was written in Feudal Japan or Ancient Rome.

Of course even in modern society people will have different standards of what constitutes heroism.

The Miz via disqualification - Sasha Banks & Bayley def.

Emma & Alicia Fox The Shield may or may not put their fists together With every passing week, it seems as though WWE is inching closer to a full reformation of The Shield.

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Another inversion would be the Villain Protagonist, who, while presented as the ; rather the opposite.

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