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In other words, Erra eventually wears tudung on her own will and without anyone forcing her to wear it.Not even her grandmother who is a respected fellow in the village.You believe in what you are and what you are doing.Now let’s take it to another level; if you were wearing a sexy sleeveless shirt and you feel great wearing it, how would you feel if someone else came to you and said you shouldn’t wear that and instead gave you another shirt to wear? As an adult woman with high self-esteem, you don’t like others to instruct you on what to wear and what not to wear.Well, I agree with the freedom part and to be honest, that’s what the religion is cheering about too.There shouldn’t be any kind of disparities between men and women. However, I don’t think that by wearing tudung we are going against the tide as that does not make any sense whatsoever.

Who is overreacting now; those who wear tudung or those who don’t like to see them?Some even said that when more and more Muslim women are wearing tudung, they are going backwards against the tide.They argued that women should be given some freedom in showing what they want and what they like to wear.If you recall any of those movies, did you realize that none of the women in them are wearing tudung though they are Muslim women? Now fast forward to present days…how come the Muslim women are told to wear tudung? ”I was quite bewildered when I first heard her wicked critic.Obviously she didn’t wear tudung and if I recall correctly, she had quite a beautiful long and wavy hair.

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