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As such, there’s a chance that you and your family might be planning to take some sort of holiday road trip this season.Whether you’re driving a few miles to a family’s house or across the […]Are There Different Type of Auto Coverage?Purchasing auto insurance can be confusing, as there are many different types of auto coverage as well as different insurance requirements across states.

You'll need to know the difference between Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability so you can decide on coverage levels and amounts. Instead, take a look at our FAQ on the types of auto insurance coverage.Let's be honest, shopping for car insurance can be really frustrating.All the quotes and options and different types of insurance can get confusing.The Reidel family has been in the insurance business dating back to 1954, when father Vern Reidel began as an agent for a well-known life insurance company.Our agency roots date to September, 1962, when the family moved from central Missouri to the central Ohio area.

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Here he explains what being a BC at one of the newest UMA's in SA.

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